Fearless, Proud, and Strong

Name: Morgan
Age: 22
Location: Ohio, USA

Glee, Frozen, Video Games, Feminism, Harry Potter (Slytherin House Pride!), Pretty Little Liars, Will and Grace, Achele, Faberry, Brittana, Disney, Musical Theatre, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Heather Morris, Faking It, Katie Stevens, Rita Volk.

Hate with a passion:
Finn Hudson, misogyny, the patriarchy, Biphobia/Homophobia/Transphobia.
Asker kayimagine Asks:
I stumbled on your blog and I think it's great! nice to see someone with similar 'obsessions' haha. Keep blogging and have a great day!
bitchbegladiwalkedin bitchbegladiwalkedin Said:

Aw, thanks! Your blog is great too! The first three post that came up when I clicked on your blog were about Faking It, sex, and the bullshit of how toys are gendered, so your blog is pretty awesome too! lol You have a great day too and don’t be afraid to send me a message now and then! :) 


Heads? or Tails?by Tazpire

This is AMAZING cosplay, holy shit.

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There’s a difference between camera kissing and real life kissing too, and when we did it the first time they were like ‘Well, okay, just kiss.’ and we kissed and i guess that just looked a little too Rated R for the camera angle so we had to kind of tone it down a little bit so, that was interesting, we learned that that day.
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Rita Volk and Katie Stevens when the camera isn’t rolling.

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